Rooster Painting White Flight Painting

Golden Phoenix
36 x 48

White Flight
15 x 30

Rowboat Painting

36 x 48

Mother of Peace Painting Embracing Love Painting

Mother of Peace
15 x 30

Embracing Love
16 x 20

Gray Barn Painting

Gray Barn
30 x 40

Almost Kissed Painting

24 x 24

Gray Rooster Americana Painting Prancing Horse Painting

Gray Rooster Americana

Prancing Horse
20 x 20

Miska lives on a small horse farm in Fall City, WA -- full of horses, chickens, roosters, dogs, cats, and other animals, which serve as inspiration for her art. The influence of Miska's Roman Catholic and Russian Greek Orthodox upbringing inspired her to begin to paint modern abstract Icons in hopes of bringing Spiritual art back into the home.

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