Main Gallery / Original Paintings

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Single Shot Alone At Last Lovers Kiss

Love Potion Breve Double Espresso

Lady With Latte Whipped Cream Americano

Demitasse Nude With Pink Hair

The Color of Dreams Touched by the Spirit The Green Dress

Hello Kitty Cat Caress Kitty Cats

Morning Stretch Twin Slumber Misinka's Starfish

The Dinner Table

Cupcake and a Kiss

The Pink Vase

Summer Break My Turn Midnight Prayer

Morning Latte Girls at the Beach Cappuccino Nightcap

Rain or Shine Color of Love Desert Rain

Little Kiss Raindrop Love Cocoa

Parasol Bumbershoot Love Parasol 2 

Little Pearl Zoe Resting Tania 2

Whisper Gold Bather Contemplation

Pianist at Rest Bass and Banjo String Composition

Cross Country Sunset Skier Winter Solace Bridesmaids of the
Enchanted Forest

Breeze Misinka's Starfish Peach Tree Irish Cream

Red Red Rain Comfort Cafe Bunnies

Cat's Tail Moonlight Serenade Puppy Love

Golden Delicious Blue Over You The Harpist

The Bather Silver Nude Gold Bather

Abstract Flowers Grapes of Love One Vase

Russian Sun Princess Basket of Flowers Garden Goddess